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  1. n8lbv

    Jan 1, 2017
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    Is the solo able to handle 4K video feed from the gopro?
    I have seen posts about having to set it to 1080P medium FOV.
    Or does the GoPro even put out out 4K on the HDMI when it is *recording* 4k Video?
    Or does the Gopro always put out 1080P or something lower on it's HDMI output port?
    Until today I was never able to get the gopro to work in 4K or 1080 Super mode I'd only get scrambled lines
    in the live video feed on the Android app.
    Today I tried changing the GoPro video mode through the Android app instead of on the GoPro itself
    And that seemed to work! and I had live video feed on the APP.
    Which means I can try recording some 4K video now *I think*.

    My understanding is that the video in the live feed (sent over WiFi) is transcoded down to 720P
    no matter what is coming out of the GoPro HDMI port going to the Solo.
  2. Acroduster

    Jul 16, 2015
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    Yes, the transmitted video feed from Solo is 720P. You certainly should be able to record 4K on the internal GoPro memory simultaneously.
  3. SPP


    Jan 28, 2016
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    Hero 4 black output only 1080p via its HDMI out as max resolution
    Hero 5 black can output 4K at its HDMI out
    If video transmission via wifi apps aka GOPRO CAPTURE, that is very low resolution output...I don't know how low though.
    If video transmission from Solo Apps I think it is real 720p , because it look decent on my 720p Glyph video goggle, via HDMI out of suitable android like Nvidia K1 Shield or Blackberry Priv with special USB to HDMI out.