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Hi RJ44, I came across your post here while searching to resolve my gimbal problem. I am having the same issue as you described and I was wondering if you remember what you did to get the gimbal reporting a firmware version again.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
hello friend, I am assembling a drone for a research project at my university, I would like to adapt a 3dr solo in a tarot frame, I saw that you did it some time ago, and I wish I could do the same, could you help me ???
my instagram @vanglifigueiredo
my e-mail [email protected]
do you know anyone that does the Arduinos. the write up i saw looks like more than I can handle. Esp. when i can get a used gopro 4 for120 but I'm not trying to spend anymore on this drone.
I am about to take my 3dr solo out of mothballs for the first time since 2017
I have a mini I pad with original solo app
can someone take me step by step what do I need to do before I try flying it?
I'm taking one to the Post Office to send to someone else right now. 20.00 plus shipping gets you a brand new one in the box. If your interested.. I have several if anyone needs one
Can anyone give me the email address for nuv , it's a drone repair site that I found on here, and some how I lost the link, this is only the partial spelling I can't remember the rest, thank you
Seems the forum layout has been mucked up recently. Icons/graphics missing or replaced, I see an outline of a coke bottle on the alerts icon...

Appreciate the forum, Thank you!
ya, upgrading a bunch of stuff. refresh the cache on your browser - shift+reload and that should do it.
That worked, Thank you! ctrl+shift+r
Hi Guys. Seems like our forum is getting smaller all the time. I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed my many Solos over the last 5 years or so. I don't cry over spilt milk, as far as 3Dr Robotics not producing the Solo anymore, but It would have been nice if they hadn't gone out of business but continued to improve on the Solo.
Ralph E. Johnson
Ralph E. Johnson
I am down to one Solo left now but its one of the Solos that was sold to me and will not pair with the controller. When you try to reset the Solo to factory settings the orange light underneath never lights up.
Ralph E. Johnson
Ralph E. Johnson
I guess the reason for this long letter is to ask if anyone has any suggestions, or would like me to ship it to them to repair? Be glad to pay them or send parts. I have new gimbals, a new body never crashed, too many parts from crashed drones to list.
Ralph E. Johnson
Ralph E. Johnson
Lots of motors also. what I would like to end up with is one Great solo that has some of the upgrades and flies reliably like when we first got them. Let me know. I live in Maryland and can ship and I am not in a hurry
Hello, hope you are doing well. I have a 3dr solo drone for 4 years. Used it twice from the past. I try to get my phone to work with the drone. Galaxy S 7 Edge. This is a different phone I have now. I know you need to use the Solex app.
Thank you
Hey there, If you still have batteries, I will buy a case from you.

Thats $160 for 4 batteries? Shipping would be to 58201.

Saw your post on updating 3dr, i havent flown this over a year. I am an Iphone user, having issues updating software from Solo app for which my phone connects to internet wifi but app keeps saying app not connected to wifi. Saw your post and willing to use my windows pc to download Open solo and make it happen. Let me know if you can help or call me on Sunday.
Downloaded Open SOlo 4 on windows but dont want to use SSH if i can do it some other way. I am in Austin and can be reached at 512-699-5937

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