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Send me your mailing information. I'll gift you 1 . I'll send it in a plain vanilla letter.
I'm referring to the GPS shield. I have a couple spares.
Hi. How much left to pay off for the drone? Pls reply
There’s a 3 hour difference from California to Maryland so I will look for a response tomorrow- Let me know if your numbers are different than mine-
Found our conversation Rex- it looks like $175 ( conversation on 23 June )
I have a gps cover for you that I’ll put in the box with Solo.
I know you were having some health issues; how are you feeling?
Rex Barlow
Rex Barlow
I just lost job with Uber. They are asshole My god. Long story. Thank you
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The problem with the Solo is that a good quality gimbal has been built around a GoPro
camera and it's too bad that it was done that way! Look at DJI, Yuneec they went with
their own cameras and design which is better. More on camera distortion that the fellas
should read about:

Distortion (optics) - Wikipedia

Thanks for the post.
so low still grounded
this has always been a problem with lens distortion . Videoproc ..which is free till end April. good little 4k vid converter which also does a good job on maintaining frame rate in re-sampling and coding to H264. OR H265 TO H264. it has a opposing distortion for lens correction. its bizarre = break it the other way can't fix anything. if you don't get the camera X motion perfectly matched then its a wast of time.
This is my first post I recently passed my sUAS Pilot exam.
The FAA emphasizes the importance of maintenance logs. Does anyone know the expected life of a stock Solo motor? Are there other components I should track?
I have noted erratic performance in cold weather, like inaccurate reporting of the battery charge, very short flights and loss of GPS. What is the safe operating temp range?
I have an issue with my solo,my compass calibration is not working,i did have a crash but I believe it is still flyable if the compass cal would work,any suggestions?
I'll have to see how much shipping is to your zip, do you need anything else?
Is this the same buddy who ended up not buying from me Dec?
I own a 3dr solo and I would like to know if there is anything out there that can be adapted to the drone that would help find it in the event of a crash,i fly over trees quite a bit and have a few close calls,and I know of a few people who have been unable to locate their drone after it went down.i am sure I am not the first person who has had that happen .please let me know one way or the other thank you.

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