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Hi Joe. A while back you had a main board power circuit on one of your Solos burn up. Paul helped you out and later stated that the issue was caused by the upgraded WiFi card. Did you actually have the upgraded card in that Solo?
Finally done with that order. I have 2 more waiting, but won’t start until Brite Lite orders are filled. Why do you have PM’s blocked?
Fine- I’ve been trying to get in touch about your Brite Lite. Do you still want one?
Of course. I thought I’d wait at the end of the line so that others could enjoy a set first. My first set work as great as the day I received them. I can send out a Postal money order this week- what’s my damages?
Thanks Mark!
Mark Daily
8580 W Berridge Lane
Glendale AZ 85305
Hey Brett....
B&H is dropping the price of Solo batteries to $19.95 on Aug 1st- you can order now, if you’d like and b&h will send you a refund or C/C adjustment for anything purchased within 30 days when price changes.
So tempting... I think all of mine are in pretty good shape, to be honest. Hrm. Better not tell work since we bought 3x at $35 each from Amazon this week :P
Yes I did maybe I didn’t do it right I am up at 7300 feet in Colorado it was working fine in California do you think I should do it again
I recently got the Solex App for my 3DR solo but cannot connect to fly my drone... can anyone help?
If you find any gimbal blocks I'll take two. Send to:

Tim Gilley
1739 Wilkes Ln
Spring Hill, TN 37174

I can pay you something via paypal.

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