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I am a drone user with diplomas A1, A2, A3. My flight experience is 2 years, mainly I am engaged in photography and video filming. I am looking for a job anywhere in Europe, at the moment I am in Alexandroupolis-Greece, but I can come to any place where there is a vacancy.
Language skills - Greek, Russian and basic English
New to the Forum and not too savvy in terms of electronics, software, etc. Although, looking forward to learning and addressing a few issues with my 3DR.
Jan 2,2022 let's breath the breath of life back into the solo, let the SOLO army rise from the ashes and once again command the sky, who do I see forming in ranks behind me.
hello chap. If/when you are able to ship to the U.K. (It's an easy address) please email me at [email protected]. as well as posting here, just to make sure I know... Hope the collar bone gets better soon. Motorbike accident?
Cheers, Steve C.
I would like to find out how you flashed the 3dr solo...I have one that is bricked with 4 green lights on. I can reflash the sdcard but then I have the pre flight message on the controller.
Hello Guys, welcome to Dronenewsco. We provide all information about drones for drone pilots. And for those who buy drones, we help by making drone buying guides by recharging enough. even come up with the idea of where to buy drones in a reliable way and get customer service later.
Hi RJ44, I came across your post here while searching to resolve my gimbal problem. I am having the same issue as you described and I was wondering if you remember what you did to get the gimbal reporting a firmware version again.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
hello friend, I am assembling a drone for a research project at my university, I would like to adapt a 3dr solo in a tarot frame, I saw that you did it some time ago, and I wish I could do the same, could you help me ???
my instagram @vanglifigueiredo
my e-mail [email protected]

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