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Dec 10, 2016
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I used to lurk here a few years ago when I was flying my Solo. I figured I'd get it out and dust it off and have a go at it. I have a new phone and it appears the Solo app isn't available. So I did some reading and boy have things changed. It seems for me to get back into it I need to spend some money and do some research. So, is there a step by step faq somewhere as to how to get up and running with the GPS update, new apps, and firmware. Also I noticed the original batteries are no longer being made. The ones I have still worked last I flew it and don't have many hours on them, but I assume eventually it will be a problem. Are the after market ones reliable. Last thing I want is the drone falling out of the sky landing on somebody.

Anyway, just trying to decide if it's worth it or if I should just look for a new drone. I bought my Drone back in 2016 right before they stopped being made, it appears.

Thank you!
Mar 22, 2017
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Open Solo is the way to go (the only way to go) these days since the Solo app is no longer available or supported by 3DR. Search this forum for it. I converted 2 of my birds to Open Solo. I have an older phone with the app on it so my 3rd bird does have the Solo app and it still works fine. The app that goes with Open Solo is Solex for android or Side Pilot for iphone. They are inexpensive to buy. I have a considerable stock of new old stock batteries that are obviously getting old but when flying time on a battery drops below 10 minutes I just open up a new battery and so far that has worked. I haven't had to explore the aftermarket battery solutions. Good luck!

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