what is solution solo & controller version mismatch

May 11, 2017
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hello every one!

i update open solo 4.0 like as follow image


BUT!!! pair after "solo & controller version mismatch" and can't connect solex app



how can i fix it? please help!
It apears this has fallen through the cracks or no one has an answer. I too have the same issue and it's doing my head in.

Can anyone assist with this or is it so unique that only two people in the world have experienced it?

have you got this figured out?

I think im in the same boat as you. my controller is on 4.0, but something went wrong when the copter was updating and then I got the version mismatched. my led lights are the same as yours, and I cant connect to the copter
Well, there's the old saying, "If it works, don't fix it" DJI is also having problems with "updates" and some bricking of drones in the process. I personally will not update anything of mine, that is working as it was intended.
Hey guys my unit had the exact b.s but now after switching some likely wrong damaged or none working parts with 2 units into hopefully a working good one. I was stuck in the good match but with the same exact problem of the leds indicating the same colour combintion and no possibility to make any change happen to pair the mofos. Pair button didnt react to whatever time being pressed besides the little light next to it responding and giving confirmation that the pressing did happen correctly or at least responded as such. Now after combining 2 broken solo b.s units into the hope of having a good one. I progressed into having the next problem of they did pair but mismatched as the final result where progress is not possible unless i update open solo to the correct one. The unit is as far as i know having stock or at least old outdated firmware while the controller has the newer 4 0 open solo on it. I assume to update it means the firmware of the solo unit itself and not the controller that logicly would need a downgrade to make it match in terms of firmware versions.?!?!?. Now the million dollar question. As my drone shows no longer the 2 rear yellow and front red green colours but 2 red 2 white lights same colour on both ends. And is that better compare to the status of the previous colour combination haha? Lastly , is there a easy way to put the firmware i need on the solo that a mentally retarded idiot like me should be getting done wthout a big potential to fail at it ? Thnxxx for al your wisdom and help to this point and really will me in extacy if more of that ends up in me.flying the damn biatch machine from hell xD

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