UPD: Not actual! 3DR Solo with gimbal, GP4 silver, extra batteries and lot accessories from Ukraine

Jul 6, 2017
Ukraine, Kyiv
Hello All from Kyiv, Ukraine!
It’s time to sell my 3DR Solo because I have absolutely no time for this project and a good drone is idle.

All photos by link to my pCloud

Drone is in excellent condition - without falling, crashing or other problems. This drone was bought in July 2017.
Flights: I think about 30 - 40
F/W: OpenSolo 3.0

The main use is trip by car in Europe in July 2018 (Croatia, Istria)
After that, I used the drone only once in October.
(video with me and my friends
= )

I have replaced the original GPS module with a GPS BN-800 and an additional modification of the copper GPS shield, as well as the replacement of both WiFi modules in the drone and the controller on the Mikrotik R11e-2HnD, which improved more stability of wifi signal.

So, this is what comes in the kit:
I. 3DR Solo Drone pack with accessories includes:
- 3DR Solo Drone without battery in original box
- 3DR Solo Gimbal in original box with screwdriver and balancing weight for GoPro 3 and 4
- GoPro 4 Silver with sunshade and skeleton housing (with 32Gb microSD card) screen has a thin crack the thickness of the hair is almost invisible. I dropped it on the floor. It does not affect the work – this is action camera and the screen is fully functional.
- balanced original 3DR Solo propellers (6 used+2 new in box)
- Master Airscrew Built-in nut MR SL propellers (orange) (4) with bag
- Master Airscrew Built-in nut MR SL propellers (black) (4) new in box
- Aero-Naut CAM Carbon Light propellers (black) (4) with bag
- Master Airscrew MR3 Series propellers (in pack, not used)
- FPVLR Solo Long Range antenna 10.5 dBi (excellent working condition)
- balancer for drone propellers – (don’t remember brand name, but works good)
- 3d printed accessory bay adapter for second action cam or lighting like Lume Cube
- stock Solo GPS rev.A (excellent working cond.) - one
- stock Solo WiFi module (excellent working condition) - two
- 3d printed extended legs (4)
- 3d printed Gimbal Lock (one)
- TURTIGY neck strap for controller (one)
- Solo battery charger (two)
- Solo controller charger (two)
- new Solo mainboard assembled
- new full set Solo screw
- new Solo GPS shield
- new Solo wire set
- new Solo leg extentions (rubber)
- new Solo Gimbal Balance Weights GoPro Hero4 Silver
- New Mobile holder for Solo controller

II. 3DR Solo Battery pack include 5 batteries:
Original battery #1, which I strongly discharged in frosty weather (I think this is the reason) and since then it has quickly lost its charge when using. I mainly used it for firmware updates, and several times to synchronize data in Mission Planner or for a few very short test flights.
4 extra batteries:
#2 and #3 - the main flight batteries are in excellent condition (I do not fly anymore in frosty weather)
#4 and #5 is a most new battery (two or three flights)

Payment method: PayPal or Xoom $ 500.00 + Shipping:
Shipping costs:
From 65.00USD to 75.00USD for Main package up to 7kg (15.4 lb) – 3DR Solo Drone with accessories by Airmail Expedited shipping with isurance and track # (without batteries!!! – sorry, Li-Pol batteries are forbidden to be sent by air)
Please tell me your US state and I’m calculate value. Shipping time: 7-12 days

Second package - Battery pack (5 pcs) by regular ground mail with insurance and track # - free shipping. Shipping time: 20-40 days

Ships in original boxes and over-packed

Given the distance between Ukraine and the United States and shipping costs, the kit is sold as it is at the photo - indivisible.

My guarantees:
100% eBay Member ID since Nov 2002
Guaranteed working condition. I am absolutely sure of the efficiency of the drone sold by me and I guarantee its work if you follow the recommendations for safe flights and it will not be damaged by mechanical or other means.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask me here or in private messages. My phone number for WhatsApp messaging show you in PM. Please do not forget the time difference between Ukraine and USA. When in Ukraine 6 PM, in New York 11 AM


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