Solo autonomous takeoff problems since update

Sep 22, 2016
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Since the latest update for the solo 2.4.1-6 I've noticed very strange takeoff characteristics. The props will now spin up slowly until the feet are just about to leave the ground (sometimes the feet will leave the ground). It then throttles down, and then the solo takes off. Here is a video to give you an idea.

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The issue is the quad will tend to drift when this happens, and if one of the feet happens to get caught on a single blade of grass the quad flips. I've had more quads flip on autonomous takeoff then ever before.

After talking to 3dr support they have informed me there is no way to revert to a previous update. My question is, is there a flight parameter I can change so that these quads takeoff more quickly?

I can post flight logs when I get back home tonight
I've never seen takeoff behavior like that in auto, even with the current version. It's doing this repeatedly?
It would be ideal to see the controller and the bird within the same video shot. Other wise it doesn't pass the test for being authentic.
Not sure but .. Prop balancing maybe ??

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