Problem: Solo flips on auto land

Oct 24, 2015
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This issue came up in the 2.0 thread and I feel it warrants its own thread.

My solo flips when using either RTH or the auto land feature initiated by hitting the Fly button. It's happened approximately 1 in 5 times that I've used the feature. The solo touches the ground, and when the props should stop they accelerate, and faster that I can respond, it flips either forward or backwards.

I have talked to support about it and they've told me that for some reason the solo isn't getting the signal that it's touched the ground. My opinion is that if that's the case, the solo should respond by lifting off and hovering, not by lifting up and flipping.

I'd like to know if this issue has been resolved in 2.0, but I don't want to be the one to test it. I've switched to only full manual landing, as I've never had the issue in that mode.

Now that I know that others are having the same problem, we should compare notes. I can post two flight logs where this has happened, but not until this evening.

My previous post on the 2.0 thread:
I've had this problem ever since I got a replacement solo after a controller issue. I've been through several firmware restorations, 3 full sets of propellers, 4 support tickets, and support doesn't seem to be too interested other than to send me new props (and motors on the last ticket). At first they said it was user input, so I took that out of the question by landing full auto. Did it again & they said it didn't get the signal that it was on the ground, actually they've said it's had that error every time, so I started landing on hard flat ground. The last support ticket they asked me to send it in, but the last time I did that it took them well over a month to return it (including transit time), so I'm quite hesitant to go through that again.

Now, I've just resolved to only landing with full manual control and haven't had any more issues.

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