Issue pairing after installing Open Solo 4 and Open Solo 3.0

Aug 19, 2021
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Today finally I decided to update my Solo from the latest official firmware to Open Solo 4.
I used the Side Pilot app and I followed the instructions for Solex, since I could not find instructions for SidePilot on Open Solo 4.

The steps that I followed were:
  1. I downloaded both the controller and the copter firmware on the app
  2. I Installed the firmware on the controller.
  3. Without rebooting the controller, I installed the firmware on the copter.
  4. After the firmware was transferred successfully (I got the confirmation message), I rebooted both the Solo and the Controller.
The controller rebooted and updated itself without any issue. However the Solo was stuck with just the green leds of the motors lit after rebooting.
I left the copter like that for several minutes to see if there was any change but it stayed the same way. So I rebooted again the solo with the same result, just the green leds lit.
Since there was no way to pair the controller with the solo in that state, I performed a factory reset both on the controller and the copter. After the factory reset, the controller and the copter booted correctly, however I couldn't pair the controller with the solo. I tried several times, rebooting one and another but it was impossible for the controller to detect the solo.
After several tries and factory resets. I decided to try to install Open Solo 3.0 following the SD card installation process.
I disassembled both the controller and the copter, I flashed the OpenSolo 3.0 firmware into their respective SD cards. After finishing the process, the Solo and the Controller updated correctly with the Open Solo 3.0 firmware (apparently) but again it was impossible to get the controller to detect the Solo.
I kept trying several times even re-flashing the OpenSolo 3.0 firmware but always the same result.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about how to solve the issue?
I would appreciate your help

Thank you,
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