Iris+ Flight Controller Upgrade

May 17, 2023
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Hi All,

Has anyone swapped out the original pixhawk for a Cube Orange+ flight controller? I'm curious how you might have landed with configurations in Ardupilot to get good performance through the original 4-in-1 ESC and motors. If anyone has this solved, I would be grateful if you might share your params file so I can cheat.

I am pretty new to this stuff, so I am sure there is an obvious procedure I could follow to arrive at the correct place... so links are appreciated. I do have the original IRIS+ param file from the ardupilot Github repos, but I'm not sure which parameters are important yet. In the meantime I'll be reading more and plan to take a backup of the config off the orange and write some python/PERL to analyze the differences between the two to get some clues as to what to look at.

Hi Carlton,
I have modified an IRIS+ with a Zealot H743 with no issues. I imagine a Cube would be fine. I also removed the D4R RX and am using ELRS . The original LEA-6 (GPS only in 2014) was updated with a multi-constellation device with much better performance. As far as the original parameters go, much has changed and wouldn't fly very well with a modern FC - different gyros and accels..., etc. etc.

So, regardless of the FC you select, update the firmware to the latest Copter for frame type 'Y' for a quadcopter, for YOUR NEW FC. (via Mission Planner - make sure you have the latest version.)

In Mission Planner, do ALL the manditory setup steps. Make sure to execute all the setup, and insure you specify a 3 cell battery with 5000 mAh capacity, and 9.5 or 10" props. After selection,
accept the parameters offered. You'll want to setup battery failsafe voltages and desired action,
RTL or LAND, as well as the battery monitor.

Most definitely go thru all the Arducopter documentation!

I have several IRIS+ and fly them a lot. I've kept one 2014 "box stock" and heavily modified the other. PLEASE ping me with any questions regarding setup...I've been there, done that, so to say.
I check this forum daily for IRIS+ stuff...

GL, John

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