GoPro video stutters at times


PhotographyByDavid Miller

Good evening - my first post here.
I've noticed while flying my Solo and shooting video with the GoPro I get stutters occasionally during playback.
Any insight as to why? Camera settings? Flying or maneuvering too quickly?
Thanks for your help.
I've downloaded the video to my hard drive on desktop.
Settings are 1080 and 60 fps
Is it consistent? Like it stutters in exactly the same place each time when replaying?

What SD card do you have in the GP?
I'm using a SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB card.
I actually didn't notice but it doesn't seem to be at a consistent rate/time when it happens.
I meant like when you notice it when playing back, if you rewind and replay the part that stutters again if it does it each time. Just trying to determine if it's the actual recording that is messed up, or the playback (which could be a computer/device issue).
sorry - the stuttering part occurs at the same time every time during playback
If on PC use MPC player.
If on Mac, use VLC player
These are good video players for GoPro MP4.
Be sure you take the video from the SD card in the GoPro, don't try to judge the video quality from the video saved to your "camera roll" from the Solo app, as this will be subject to WiFi reception issues that will get recorded.

So does this happen on the SD card video?
You should also transfer the file to your hard drive before playing. Some systems have difficulty viewing HD video direct from the SD card.
after looking into some of the suggestions (thanks!) it seems like it may be the player I was using.
What player are you using now ?
The MPC and VLC is one of the lightest player, it does not tax the CPU too much and when it comes to unique frame rate like 1080p 90 & 120 fps ( more so if Protune is ON ) you can't beat MPC, assuming your computer has enough power.
What do you guys recommend for video editing software/site? I'd like to take the videos form the Solo shoot and create a video with some stills and video from my Canon camera.

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