Gmail Privacy Abuses

Aug 24, 2015
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Phoenix, Az
Even though this isn't drone-related per se, I've noticed through Brite Lite contacts that many users here have gmail accounts.

I just wanted to make sure those folks know that Google opens, reads and scans their email to send them targeted advertising.

Here is a small sample:

Google: don't expect privacy when sending to Gmail

Privacy lawsuit over Gmail will move forward

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I would have been more surprised to learn they weren't doing that. :). Browser cookies are scanned by pretty much every website. Everything I look at on Amazon becomes a targeted banner add on other sites. If I've emailed about something, I mysteriously start seeing ads about it. This is just the nature of the internet today. Google is only a small part of it. In part, it is the price we pay for free. Google's services run my life, and they do it for free. But I don't expect anything anywhere to be without a cost. The cost to all of Google's amazing free services is fairly responsible data mining without malintent... which sets it aside from malware style data mining anyway.

I really don't mind getting targeted advertising about drones and boxerbriefs if that's the price I pay for free cloud services worth much more. I also do not use it for anything sensitive, and especially not for my job. Know the risks and act accordingly.
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Knowing what I know on the Cyber world, I have absolutely no expectation of privacy in my life. Not saying it is good or I like it. Just the cost of doing business in the digital world.
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Was just explaining to my 86 old father how the data is used and mis-used. He's a security breach waiting to happen....

Google owns the data mine, with or without gmail. You're just a part of it.....with your blessings.
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I personally would rather see targeted advertisements than random junk. There have been several occasions in my life where a targeted ad helped me find a better price or better product for my money.

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