"Brake" button during autonomous mission


May 25, 2022
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I crashed my Solo the other day, and I'm not certain why.

I was running an autonomous mission with an RTL command as the last waypoint. The Solo returned to the launch site and attempted to land autonomously, but it was about a metre off to one side of the plywood sheet I'd set up as a landing pad. The ground was very uneven, so I thought I'd take over control and land it manually. I pressed the Pause button and then tried to nudge it over the landing pad and gently bring it down, but that's when things got confusing.

The Solo didn't seem to be responding to my inputs and it was continuing to reduce its altitude. It's possible I had up/down mixed up, so in a panic I reversed the stick direction. That either had no effect or made things worse and the Solo landed off the plywood on a rock, tipped over and thrashed its propellors on the beach until I managed to shut it down. The vehicle is still airworthy, but I don't want to do that again.

Can anyone tell me what is supposed to happen when Pause is pressed during an autonomous mission? I thought I was returning to manual control, but the subsequent behaviour was consistent with the Solo continuing to run autonomously. Is that what happened? Was I just moving the joysticks around and having no effect while the Solo continued doing its own thing?

I'm attaching a log file, if that helps.


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I have very limited experience with autonomous missions but I have flown my Solo quite a bit in manual mode. I believe in order to take over you must hit the "Fly" button to regain manual control. Just like if the bird looses signal and goes to return home, you can interrupt that once it is back within range by pressing the "Fly" button. Hope this helps.
Thanks, @SKuhn68. The "Fly" button was what I was going to try next time. I'd still be interested to know what "Brake" is intended to do in this case, if anyone else knows.

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