3DR connection, setup, compatability issues 101 questions

May 20, 2017
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Good day fellow droners. These are questions / issues I'm 110% sure has been addressed 100 times over already. 1st off before i get slammed for not searching across the forum, it would be pretty cool if there was a place to direct users to for addressing issues, kind of like a trouble shooting q&a. If you have this issue & you've done a,b,& c, then go to e. If this exists already, please point me in that direction lol

I have a stock Solo3DR with gopro hero 3. I havent flown it in over a year. I didnt fly often but when I did, I was able to deal with the Solo3dr app, but my go to was the Solex app. using a Verizon samsung S7 android phone. Never really had any issues with this combo.

Well, I pulled out the 3DR once again but now have a Verizon LG v60 android phone. Im having issues across the board connecting to any Solo apps.

I did a reset on the drone and controller. Controller says preflight updated required and drone went through light sequence and has 2 red and 2 light blue on.
I deleted and reloaded Solo3DR & Solex. When trying to connect the Solo3DR app, it says go to wifi settings, look for controller, connect and enter password. I can see sololink in wifi and when clicking on it, it says connected but no internet available. I never have opportunity for entering password. I also cant open Solo3DR app when connected to wifi.
The Solex app, sometimes will recognize the drone but when i go to flight, it blurts out RC Throttle Failsafe! over and over again.

Could this be a compatibility issue with new LG v60 cell phone or something else? It flew fine before i put it away in its case a year ago. Im also seeing stuff about open solo 4, supposed to be able to get to theough solex.... I have no idea what this is and i cant even access anything like that in the solex app....
Any video links that address these specific issues? Should i try to get my old samsung s7 back in service?
I love this drone but dang! I have friends with mavericks, phantoms etc and they NEVER seem to have connection issues...

Thanks again and thanks for any advice.
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