1. J

    1st Real Flight with Video

    Well, it took me a bit to get the Solo working at first, but man it flies awesome when it works. Here is a video of my new years day flight today in 9 degree weather here in the Boston area. Not sure what the lower temp limits are on the equipment, but I think my fingers and hands are the...
  2. Travelfox

    A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova Scotia

    Hello, I thought I'd share some videos with you guys here in our forums starting with this one. It's not current (not shot/produced in the last 2 months at least) but I hope you enjoy the short vid nevertheless. Published on Jan 2, 2017. A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova...
  3. B

    Entertaining Tree hit

    I have had my 3DR Solo about a month and took my first excursion outside of an athletic field with no obstacles. I have learned a lot reading posts on this forum so thought you folks might get a kick out of my first flight over my sailing club at slightly too low an altitude. The Solo survived...