1. n8lbv

    How much wind have you flown your solo in?

    The manual states max crosswind figure of 17 mph. I'm curious to hear you windy flying stories both successes and failures! Always seems to be 15-25mph around here and it's mind numbing having to wait for calm days.
  2. Cynthia Farr

    Prop Protecters in Winds

    I have had a crash it had been suggested that my prop guards caught the wind and caused my solo to crash has any body else had this happen even though I had a GPS lock on or I believed that a GPS Lock help stabilised the craft
  3. C

    Anyone know the wind speed limits for Solo?

    I am taking my solo to Iceland in late June and Iceland is known to have high winds. Does anyone know the limits of wind speed solo is capable of flying in? The following is info on wind speed in Iceland: Over the course of the year typical wind speeds vary from 3 mph to 26 mph (light air to...
  4. P

    How susceptible has your SOLO been to the wind?

    I have had Solo for about a month and up till recently I felt SOLO was very good at handling wind using GPS modes. Recently however, I have been losing control of Solo in the wind (moderate winds up to 16mph). I have had Solo flipped on me about 6 times out of control. Is this normal given...
  5. SteveReno

    If Wind is a problem Flying, Then check here first.

    It's always windy here on Padre Island, so i check when "time" the least amount of wind blowing. to take video. Wind, waves & weather forecast, Very accurate. All location! It's a "Diamond in the ruff" !