1. J

    Solo Not Connected to App/Wi-Fi after multiple failed attempts

    I was gifted the Solo by my brother and cannot get the Solo App to recognize that my phone is connected to the Solo's Wi-Fi. I've tried multiple times to restart/redownload/reset my Wi-Fi connection to the controller/Solo, but nothing seems to work. I went through and did a Factory Reset...
  2. Trader J

    For sale: 1 new mRo GPS unit and 2 of the Mikro Tik Wi-Fi cards also new.

    Up for grabs I have a new mRo ublox neo m8n GPS unit as well as a pair of Mikro Tik R11e-2hnd Wi-Fi cards. Full price on the lot is typically $180 and this doesn't include shipping. I'm passing on the savings to a fellow Solo pilot and asking only $150 for the lot shipped!! I managed to get a...