1. Travelfox

    Take Me Away: THE TALL SHIPS REGATTA in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

    Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm in Lunenburg - a town in the South Shore of NS, where a collection of the world's largest sailing ships are docked for this year's Tall Ships Regatta. Significantly featured in the video is the beautiful wooden Victorian building- the Lunenburg Academy of...
  2. tracer

    Vacation to Missouri

    We took a my 3DR Solo, Mario, on vacation to Missouri last month. We stayed in the Ft. Leonard Wood area and then drove on down to Branson and Table Rock Lake. I love shooting footage around water (I will drown this thing one day), so you will see lots of water shots along with take-offs and...
  3. Ed Beck

    Battery after solo went into fresh water.

    My Solo went into fresh water today. My question is about the battery. I've taken the battery off of Solo. The furthest left LED is on bright. The rest are on dim. It's outside in the shade. Are there any other precautions I should take so the battery doesn't catch fire, explode, or...
  4. J

    When Flying Solo Goes Wrong (almost) | Drone Crash

    During a video shoot, our 3DR Solo drone randomly decided to go into "Return Home Mode". You don't know exactly where your home location is when you're in the middle of the lake. After tracking it down, our boat stalled right before we were able to reach it. This is the result.
  5. L

    Flying low over water.

    I am looking to use the tower app to fly a mission over lake water at about 4-10 feet. Does anyone have experience with this and do you thing it can maintain satellite lock at such a low height. Also has anyone tried flying this low over water without the tower app?
  6. C

    Solo fountain crash! Is my drone salvageable?

    Hello all. I'm new to drones, flying, and forums for that matter. I've been doing pretty good with the 3DR so far - but today i crashed it into a fountain..! I retrieved it within 5 minutes, and to my surprise, the battery and GoPro were still turned on. I removed the battery, the rotors, and...