1. Blooter

    1st attempt with Solo

    This is my first attempt at ariel video No filters and didnt use any smart shots for this but Im going to try them very soon Its a bit jumpy here and there so Ill need to read some posts to find out about curing that. Otherwise Im happy, Of course any advise is welcome :) Bill
  2. Ivan Riobla

    Third time flying the Solo / Low Light mini test

    (The video is on facebook so they compress different from youtube but you can still see it in 1080p is not that bad.) Well for some reason my Hero3+ black is not sending the live feed to the remote so im just doing some small test getting familiar with the drone experience. Many people is...
  3. J

    Sometimes on Phone ... Others on GoPro Chip

    I have been flying for about 10 days now. I am finally figuring out a sequence to get all my drone parts working at the same time. When recording, many times my videos sync straight to my phone. Other times, they have been syncing to my GoPro chip only. NOW, I am only getting them on one place...
  4. Granite

    New here. Based outta Kentucky. Check out my videos ive made so far!

    I just created a profile here. Please go checkout my youtube and tell me what you thinkabout my videos with my 3dr solo. Like andsubscribe please and thanks!