1. A

    PID tuning SOLO-fixes vibrations

    First post here, I have gotten a lot of great info off this board and wanted to share. I use a solo at work and have one of my own. Like many here I have struggled to get consistent video without micro vibrations. I balanced the motors, props, use a ND filter and played with the gimbal cables...
  2. Dunnonsite

    Solo video feed vibrations or wobbling

    If anyone can help me figure out why at times the video is vibration or a wobble look to it. At times when I can fly out of the this. Is the motors going out ? I have balanced my blades and made sure no cables in the drone is touching the gimbal motor. I have uploaded a video to show my issues.
  3. Doug Benson

    I hate to kick a dead drone but my video is killing me!

    Let me start be telling all the things I have done, I believe I have a 1st batch solo but I'm not sure. I've had it for almost a year, but I had to wait for the gimbal for what seemed like forever. Ok here it goes... I have vibration and sometimes some minor jello issues. I have set my GP4 black...