1. T

    Disconnect from controller upon take off and calibration

    My solo sometimes takes forever to Sync with controller on power on and when it does everything is fine until I take off or if i have to mess with the gimbal will disconnect. Any help or thoughts on what might be causing this if it’s something internally loose I should check or replace. Is...
  2. K

    Pixhawk 2.0 for motor vibration analysis - need a carrier board

    Working on using a spare Pixhawk 2.0 cube for motor vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. 1. Stand-alone test bed for single motors, first for Solo motors with board, later for motors alone 2. Audio measurements (FFT of recordings, dB loudness) 3. Mission Planner software connected by USB...
  3. marineyeh

    How to Stabilize your SOLO's footage

    This website is not yet finished. But recently I saw so many people meet the same problems I'v faced before. There are some basic concepts of balancing of Drone. Those methods some I found from google from so many SOLO pilots's suggests, then I use about three months tests try them all on my...
  4. J


    hi guys, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, I've been flying my solo for a month or so now ( no crashes) Got the gimbal and installed it and then took it off to go do a job with the fixed mount. All of a sudden I have a pretty mean vibration that it never had before. Stills are...
  5. S

    Looking to improve filming skills

    I have been successfully flying and filming with my Solo using a GoPro hero4 black on the gimbal. I mostly use 1080/30 fps/medium view for my settings. By all means, I am a novice, and want to improve with the equipment I am currently using. I use the drone for real estate projects for our...
  6. jeeboont

    [UPDATE] Solo Ultra Thin Micro HDMI Flat Ribbon Cable (Version 3) now available.

    We have started shipping out our latest iteration of our popular Micro HDMI replacement cables. Our latest V3 cable incorporates the following new features: 1. *STRAIGHT* Micro HDMI connectors - Unlike our earlier right-angled Micro HDMI connectors, these straight connectors has a smaller...
  7. z-axis

    FYI Prop+Hub Balancing

    I have always balanced my props for other multirotors and before I did any video with my new Solo, just for good measure, I balanced my props. What I can tell you is that all four needed balancing, and the HUBS were especially out of balance. When your hubs are out of balance, the prop will...
  8. jeeboont

    Solo Ultra Thin Micro HDMI Flat Ribbon Cable (replacement for Solo's HDMI cable)

    Available at: It is common knowledge that one of the main reasons why videos captured using Solo's gimbal has significant vibrations. While others have tried 'rerouting' the stiff HDMI cable, to 'shaving-off' the casing to 'loosen' the cable, it remains a challenge to get...
  9. Ian [P13]

    HDMI outer shielding mod

    This mod isn't my idea, Fred Vandeman on the Solo Facebook User Group came up with this, I was sceptical about this working, but it does. 3DR can't condone this mod, but at the same time, they've not said don't do it, with some mods they do, so that's what made me think it was worth a try. In...
  10. Mauiwind

    Vibration Isolation

    I'm seeing that isolating the vibration of the camera needs to be addressed. Yes of course, I balanced the props. But there's those nasty pixel blurs (J E L L O) that occur. What say ye, my fellow Solo survivors?