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    Drone view of Stuben Pass Traffic (Learning By Doing Ep 51)

    I happened to be driving over another pass today and decided to try out a time lapse with my 3DR SOLO today for the first time. It worked out pretty good, happy with the results.
  2. Vernon Deck

    Solo Sailing mission to Hook Reef

    A perfect weather window presented itself so I took off on a solo mission out to Hook Reef, about 8 hours sail from the mainland. Four days of amazingness followed! Great sunsets, good spearfishing and some encounters with sharks made for an epic adventure. The sea was calm enough that I could...
  3. Vernon Deck

    Snowboarding with Solo

    I took along my Birdy ll (my solo) for closing day at the Laax resort in Switzerland. She's such a great tool and so much fun to film with that I have to remind myself film and shoot other angles too.