1. D

    Please help!!! My Solo App says me: "Waiting to hear from Solo" - and so constantly!

    Hello! I from Russia, I bought a new Solo with delivery from the US. I encountered with the following problem: When I go in flymode Solo app constantly writes that: "Waiting to hear from Solo". Connects to 2 seconds, and then is disconnected again and so constantly. If you do not go into...
  2. Boby B

    Solo Gimbal Trouble

    Hi, i just bought my SOLO and after 20 min of flight i have a crash with it, an air stream took the solo and hit it in my fence few feet away from the floor, i have 3 propels damage (already order new ones and prop guards) but the gimbal started to make crazy movement (video attached) i have...
  3. T

    3DR NO RETURN / NO EXCHANGE POLICY on Iris+ @ Fry's!

    Has anyone heard or know more about this? I purchased a 3DR Iris+ on 10-4-15 from Fry's. I drove over an hour to get the location and as soon as I walked into the lobby I got a call that my oldest daughters water had just broken and my first grandson was on his way! I rushed back to the camera...