travelling with solo

  1. Travelfox

    A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova Scotia

    Hello, I thought I'd share some videos with you guys here in our forums starting with this one. It's not current (not shot/produced in the last 2 months at least) but I hope you enjoy the short vid nevertheless. Published on Jan 2, 2017. A quiet winter day in a South Shore town of Nova...
  2. C

    What other gear should I have in my SOLO travel bag?

    Simple question: I am flying a #3DR Solo and with a gimbal. I use the travel case, have no problems getting it on the airplane etc. As I prep for a couple of major trips, wondering... What I wanted to ask other users, what other gear do you travel with? What complimentary tech do you carry...
  3. L

    traveling overseas with a Solo

    has anyone traveled overseas with a solo? I am heading to Aruba next month and would like to know on where I can find info regarding airlines, packing, restrictions etc. Don't want any surprises but I do want some nice aerial video and pics. thanks!
  4. D

    Taking Solo to Hawaii

    I plan to bring my Solo to Hawaii this June, we'll be taking Hawaiian Airlines from San Diego. I know you're suppose to bring it as a carry-on. I have the Solo backpack. Has anyone had any problems or advice for me. I appreciate your insight if you've done this. Thanks