1. tickingheart

    What drone is the best to start with and train on for solo to avoid wrecks? (act as training wheels)

    Advice welcome, I have no working knowledge of the drone world but from what I've found, (other than Mavic, Karma and Splash, the obvious Cadillacs) Solo seems the best overall package and I'm hoping to buy one soon. Does it seem to others though that it's a pretty common thing to crash a drone...
  2. P

    Trainer Mode?

    If I want to teach someone to fly, what is a good way to maintain the ability to take over if they get in to trouble? I realize they're not terribly difficult with all the self stabilizing, but a part of it is trust as well, especially when working with kids. Traditional RC controllers have a...
  3. linsey

    Short and Sweet Drone Training Course at Boeing Field

    Last weekend I took a "how to fly a drone" class at Galvin Flight in Seattle. It was a great overview of what one needs to know to be safe, legal, and what it takes to pass the FAA Part 107 test. They are having another course next month Learn To Fly A Drone | Galvin Flying.
  4. AirCanada

    Canadian UAV Flight Training

    With regards to Transport Canada there are a few rules and regulations when i comes to flying your Solo in Canadian air space. For us Canadians we are faced with TP 15263 E This is for unmaned air vehicle systems 25kg or less in operation of visual line of sight. If in the future you wish to...