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    Solo swarms - mission planner

    Hello, I have 2 Solos, I'm able to connect them to mission planner individually via UDP. But is there a way I can connect them both at the same time to do some basic swarm operation? I've looked around, I found the ROS option for swarming, but that's really not autonomous. Has anyone tried...
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    Solo Swarm - Anyone Have any Success (or even try)?

    So, I'm a long time Mission Planner user with DIY Pixhawk multirotors. Now that I have 5 Solos, I'd really love to figure out how to swarm them (control up to 5 from a central source). I had some limited success with my DIY birds, but with the level of effort and $ invested in the DIY aircraft...
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    Modding Solo’s UDP broadcast port

    I tried to change the number 14550 to 15550 of SOLO UDP port. So i accessed the solo by SSH . and then modified a telemDestPort in sololink.conf by nano. therefore It is changed. But Not changed after reboot . why? help me plz.