1. I

    3dr solo help please!

    Hello. Recently I'm interested in buying a drone. My budget is about $ 800, I saw the 3dr with gopro hero 4 black and gimbal and it looks awesome, the problem is that I living out of the usa, and it's very expensive in my country ($ 1000 - $ 1200 without gopro andgimbal ). But the good news is...
  2. roselje

    Is there any store in New York City You will recommend for 3dr accesories

    I'm going from Norway to NYC last week in april 2017, and would be thankful for any tip for a name and/or an adress for a store who sells 3dr-solo-accessories.
  3. Maddog

    3DR price increase

    Does anybody know when 3DR increased their prices in their store? Gimbal, battery, props, charger all went up- not sure what else. Solo and Accessories - 3DR