1. M


    Hello Using ssh root to the Solo drone, I have been accessing files inside. Under Firmware, then inside the folder Loaded, there is a file called ArduCopter-1.3.1.px4. I am wondering where is the script located that runs this ArduCopter? Thanks
  2. J

    Modding Solo’s UDP broadcast port

    I tried to change the number 14550 to 15550 of SOLO UDP port. So i accessed the solo by SSH . and then modified a telemDestPort in sololink.conf by nano. therefore It is changed. But Not changed after reboot . why? help me plz.
  3. LarryF

    Retrieving the Dataflash (.bin) Log Files From Solo Video

    It's been discussed in other threads, but I thought I'd save many people the trouble of digging this info out. Most people use the Telemetry Logs (.tlog), as they are easier to get. However, the Dataflash Logs (.bin) contain more data on them and provide a more in-depth diagnostic. In addition...