1. marineyeh

    How to Stabilize your SOLO's footage

    This website is not yet finished. But recently I saw so many people meet the same problems I'v faced before. There are some basic concepts of balancing of Drone. Those methods some I found from google from so many SOLO pilots's suggests, then I use about three months tests try them all on my...
  2. pious_greek

    Down by the river. Train and bridge. Fly vs Sport Modes

    If any of you with a keen eye have any thoughts, let me know. It seems passable for my needs, and if I set it up with a smart shot, I'm sure it'd be cleaner. Fly Mode... ND4 Filter, Relish3D HDMI ribbon, Moongel, Sorbothane <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...