solo parts

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    Aussies, parts lot for sale

    Aussies, I have some parts for sale. Will go to the first decent offer. A warning first, this Solo went for a dip in the ocean. Parts are as follows, Shell, undamaged apart from a minor scorch mark from a motor pod. 4 x motors pods, non functioning, motors may be OK, 2 turn fine, the other two...
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    Solo Parts For Sale

    I crashed my Solo and have decided to part ways with the parts, and 3DR, instead of buying a new one. I had only flown my solo a few times before the crash. Device would power on and connect in fly mode after crash. The shell was basically destroyed, but other parts in pretty good condition. I...
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    Complete Solo System for Parts

    Hello, My craft was damaged and is no longer in flying condition. The shell is cracked and one of the motor pods is burned out but otherwise good for parts. In addition, 2 batteries, both chargers, controller and a few good props packed in the original fiber box. No gimble. $130 firm for...