1. tracer

    Finally! Snow

    I've been waiting for some significant snowfall to shoot some video. We got snow, and along with it a blast of arctic air. Here's my video, shot yesterday in 18 degree weather. Brrrr...
  2. IrishmanPDX

    All Weather Solo...

    I know a lot of people will be interested in this, but this is something I've been working on a long time. The all weather solo, capable of flying in light rain, heavy rain, snow, hail, all while reducing the risk of getting moisture into either the motors or the electrical components inside.
  3. J

    1st Real Flight with Video

    Well, it took me a bit to get the Solo working at first, but man it flies awesome when it works. Here is a video of my new years day flight today in 9 degree weather here in the Boston area. Not sure what the lower temp limits are on the equipment, but I think my fingers and hands are the...
  4. Wooskie

    Snow Shots

    A rare late fall snow in North Carolina. Peau 3.37 The higher the resolution the better because of all the limbs.
  5. Soul Patch Films

    Voodoo Mountain Cat Adventure

    First actual edited video with Solo. Beautiful sunny day, but with 20 to 30 mph winds. No smart shots used. Gopro 4 black, Peau 3.97 lens. Quick edit done in the lodge after a day of snowboarding.