1. Doug Benson

    I too have a Brand NEW Solo gimbal for sale.

    Hmmm... Any one still looking or need a spare? Brand New in the UN-opened box straight from the factory! This was a duplicate order made when I thought another order got cancelled. Took SOOOO long I forgot about it until today when it finally showed up.o_O $350 Shipped anywhere in the mainland...
  2. Morenos Studios

    3D Robotics Claim Best Buy Will Receive Gimbals This Weekend!

    I called 3D Robotics today informing about when will Best Buy receive the 3DR Sight Gimbals and was informed that they should have them by the end of the week. I also enquired about when would preorders and new orders placed on the 3D Robotics site be shipped; they informed me gimbals are...