1. C

    Type of plastic shell is made of?

    I'm a new pilot and newbie member, and my Solo has barely survived its ordeal of her idiot pilot suffering his inaugural crash. She has several body cracks, and knowing the type of plastic She is made from is key to knowing what kind of adhesive to use. Anyone know what kind of plastic (...
  2. Captain Zepher

    Solo weight reduction

    Soooo. I saw on amazon that solo replacement shells are under $100 and the shipping weight is 2 pounds and it got me thinking about how much weight is in the shell and legs. I looked up the specs and did a little math. WARNINGS////////////////////////////////////////// INCREADIBLY QUICK...
  3. R

    Shell Replacement

    going to be doing a shell replacement due to a user error crash. following these instructions. I see him using some "super x glue" on the antenna's connectors. What kind of glue is this? SuperX glue is from japan and I'm not in japan. Anyone use a substitute for that job? thanks for the help