1. Morongobill

    Newbie looking for dead simple "for idiots" page for Solo Orbit, Selfie

    I live in Orange County, California; land of the many cities with their rules and regs, and where people have been arrested for flying their drones. So I just feel more comfortable heading out a hundred miles to the desert to fly this bird on the public lands. For whatever reason, I am running...
  2. deathsandwich

    Case "Mountain" In Connecticut

    I did a hike to the top of Case Mountain in Connecticut yesterday afternoon. It is not so much a mountain as it is a hill or steep stroll through the woods at 700+ feet above sea level. There are nice views of Hartford Connecticut, which, due to visibility, was a little hazy in the distance. I...
  3. R

    Selfie angle

    Is there any way to change the rise and run of the selfie to get different flight angles, either shallower or steeper? Using Android.