1. Velocity

    Looking for anyone selling wifi mods, parts, or cards.

    I am researching different wifi modifications and ultimately developing one that will, theoretically of course, extend the range well beyond line of sight, for proof of concept only.... and I have 3 new Solos specially purchased for this project. I also have several used for parts as well as an...
  2. Y

    RSSI in Tower App

    Can anyone suggest a fix so that RSSI is displayed in the Tower app? I've tried v4.0.0 on two Samsung phones and a tablet. Everything else seems to work fine, just no data for signal. Signal works fine in the Solo app, though if I start Tower before Solo, RSSI is shown as 0 in the Solo app.
  3. indonesianpilot

    Antenna RSSI

    hello guys, so i build a custom antenna for solo. What i want to know is about FPVLR and Alfa patch antenna RSSI value if controller and solo distance at 1 meter. Stock antenna is about -30db. My custom antenna is -18db. Can someone help me?