ribbon cable

  1. marineyeh

    How to Stabilize your SOLO's footage

    This website is not yet finished. But recently I saw so many people meet the same problems I'v faced before. There are some basic concepts of balancing of Drone. Those methods some I found from google from so many SOLO pilots's suggests, then I use about three months tests try them all on my...
  2. FinniKris

    *New* Tinker Time Treehouse

    Hello 3DR Pilots! I've posted a new Tinker Time Treehouse episode on YouTube and I think people will enjoy it. I made a departure towards longer explanation videos for a few instalments and people have been asking that I make the videos more like the Neo- M8N GPS Video that I posted a few...
  3. jeeboont

    [UPDATE] Solo Ultra Thin Micro HDMI Flat Ribbon Cable (Version 3) now available.

    We have started shipping out our latest iteration of our popular Micro HDMI replacement cables. Our latest V3 cable incorporates the following new features: 1. *STRAIGHT* Micro HDMI connectors - Unlike our earlier right-angled Micro HDMI connectors, these straight connectors has a smaller...