1. S

    HDMI camera input resolution? ? ?

    I tried searching with no luck. Can anyone confirm the camera input resolution that the Solo will recognize and transmit? I Have a old Nokia 808 Purview cellphone with a 41mp camera that I want to use for still shots (using automatically picture taking every 5 seconds) but it would be nice to...
  2. dcal

    Can't change GoPro settings

    I'm prepping for a job this afternoon and I am unable to change the settings on my GoPro 4 Black from the app (running on Nexus 7 2013). I checked for updates and there aren't any available, so I should be up to date. I'm trying to change from 4k to 2.7k 60fps and everytime I change the...
  3. B

    Max video resolution in Video+Photo mode - Hero 4

    Hi guys, can someone confirm that it is NOT possible to shoot 2.7K video in Video+Photo mode? If I could, I'd like to shoot 2.7K/60 video and max res still photos at 5s intervals. It seems I cannot do this as in Video+Photo mode it all seems limited to 1080/30 or 24. Am I missing something?