reset controller

  1. M

    "Preflight Update" after doing a reset?

    I just picked up a Solo yesterday, took it home and flew it for about an hour. Everything worked great. The previous owner threw in a Nexus 7 for controlling it, so after I threw the batteries on the charger, I upgraded android on the Nexus and realized they had made a custom wifi password on...
  2. TUCAN2016

    connectivity problems between controller wifi

    Hi guys, I finished my factory reset but now the wifi between the controller and the drone it's not working, I cannot find a way to finalized the update from the controller to the drone because it keep showing the message as no internet connection when I select solo link. Can anyone tell me what...
  3. D

    Locked up controller

    I had a locked up controller, it wouldn't turn off, wouldn't reset, and even a battery pull didn't reset it. It just kept not working. 3dr sent me the attached .pdf It worked!