1. Perry Lawrence

    Cabin in the woods - 4k

    I'm having a blast with my Solo. Brought it on family vacation to get a feel for al the bells and whistles. Hero 4 Black, protune, smart shots etc and reading through the manual and devouring the videos and great advice here. This is Fly mode, no smart shots. Gotta love the 4K!
  2. Nimbus Ninja

    Real Estate shot with Protune

    Real Estate shot by Nimbus Ninja posted May 29, 2016 at 12:37 PM This is my first time sharing media so I hope the photo shows. A realtor friend asked me to take some shots of this house and I took a lot, but I'm only posting this one for now. This is the before, I will post the after...
  3. Ian [P13]

    Summer is Over - My first video effort with the gimbal

    The 4.35mm (advertised as 4.4) lens on the GoPro black, this was filmed in 2.7K at Illkey moors which is generally a windy place. I filmed this all in less than a hour using a combination of manual GPS flying and cablecam. I used Protune, a flat colour profile (then used a Speedgrade preset in...