1. B

    Solo Original Propellers CW & CCW 4 Sale

    Solo Original Propellers CW & CCW 4 Sale $16/Pr. + Shpg + Handling
  2. T

    High altitude flight

    Hi, I'm going to fly my solo in high altitude range. (2,500~4,000m) It means I will fly it in mountain so it is regal. Is that be able to fly with normal prop?If it is difficult to fly, I will change props to aps 1045 props. Also, which is the maximum size of prop? Please tell me diameter and...
  3. D

    AliExpress (china direct) prop balancer

    Has anyone braved ordering their prop balancer direct from china? A knock off brand. See this link: New OCDAY Tru Spin Prop Propeller Balancer for RC Helicopter Multirotor Airplane-in Parts & Accessories from Toys & Hobbies on | Alibaba Group Seems like a great price at $32 CDN...
  4. z-axis

    FYI Prop+Hub Balancing

    I have always balanced my props for other multirotors and before I did any video with my new Solo, just for good measure, I balanced my props. What I can tell you is that all four needed balancing, and the HUBS were especially out of balance. When your hubs are out of balance, the prop will...