1. 3

    [C] - Read GPS Coordinates on 3DR Solo from GPS sensor

    Hello everyone, I am a C programmer and I need to write a C program that will be executed on the 3DR Solo (directly on the drone, i.e. upload the object file and execute on it) that reads the GPS coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) and Altitude from the GPS sensor mounted on board the drone. I am...
  2. G

    Quad-C ESCs

    Hi Folks! I'm looking for some information with regards to some legacy hardware, the Quad-C from 3DR: I have these ESCs: 1. Does anyone have a user...
  3. J

    Step by step to load my code to "solo"

    That such friends buy me a 3dr "Solo" to do my thesis and the first thing I would like to do is know how I could step by step upload code or know how I can control the drone I tried to do it with the development guide but when trying connect the drone to the wifi I get a message connecting but...
  4. C

    Controling the drone and video feed in computer

    Hello I am trying to control the drone with MAVlink commands and have video feed at the same time the issue is that when my computer connects to tje drone and begins sending the MAVlink commands the video feed stops or gets really glitchy does anyone knows how to make the two tings work together
  5. Mauiwind

    Cable cam programed behavior

    Point A : Elevation 20 meters 90 degree tilt bearing 360 degrees Point B: Elevation 5 meters 70 degree tilt bearing 180 How do I program Solo to go clockwise or counter clockwise during the movement from B-A, A-B? Another, almost different type of question: I'm noticing that the gimbal...