1. IrishmanPDX

    The Legend

    So the news last night mentions that a huge cruise ship is going to be docking in Portland for a repaint and repair job. I stroll over to the PC to suddenly see that it's about 2 minutes away from the house. I don't have a drone assembled and my batteries aren't fully charged. So I run around...
  2. J

    2 solos 2 gimbals updated GPS 6 batteries etc for sale Seattle Portland

    I'm selling my complete setup! in Seattle/Portland area - 1 solo and gimbal has never been flown!!, still in the box only opened to use the battery charger for my 6 batteries. I have extra props, the solo backpack and 2 controllers. I updated 1 of the solos GPS (Mro ublox) to recveive Glonass...
  3. T

    New-ish Solo Operator in Portland/Vancouver Area

    Greetings Ya'll: I'm a newish Solo owner/operator in the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area. I've flown quite a bit, but not lately due to the weather. I've got two Solos - one primary and one back-up, have done different GPS mods in each of them (both with good results), have never had a...