1. G

    Keep losing controller connection

    Hi guys, This is my first post on the blog. I am the owner of a 3dr solo since 2 months already and was happy until this problem happened: I was flying around 80m (260 ft) high when the solo lost the connection. It started to come back to the starting point, as always, but when "landed", the...
  2. A

    Streaming to laptop live video?

    hi guys I'm 14 and I'm wondering - is it possible to stream live video to a laptop, while still having live video on the phone?
  3. G

    loosing live feed on phone

    I have a hero 4 silver and a samsung s5. When ever i turn solo on i get the gopro feed on my phone but as soon as I press fly the screen on my phone freezes.. it goes black and has the little loading symbol but never loads... i can press record and stop on my phone and that still works...
  4. RolandS888

    Android Tablet Options / suggestions

    I want to use something a little bigger than my phone and Im looking for suggestions or recommendations on which to use. What works well, what doesnt, what fits what doesnt, what to avoid?