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    DroneLogbook Labor Day Sale

    For those interested. Use code DLB125 for 1 year of Enterprise for $125 (saving $65) or use code DLBY1Q30 for 30% off a quarterly Enterprise Trial and finally you can use PRO33 for 33 percent off 1 year of PRO
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    Recommendations on mapping equipment and software for future agriculture survey business.

    Hey y'all, just got my solo in the mail last week and I love it! With the new Part 107 rules coming into effect soon, there is a real opportunity to get a jump start in agriculture surveying in my area with UAV's. I've done some research here on google and here on the forums and I apologize if...
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    Hiring Contract 107 Pilots in US

    DATAWING EXPANDS NETWORK TO SUPPORT GROWING CLIENT BASE We are excited to invite you to join our national network of UAV drone service providers. DataWing has worked very hard to secure nationwide contracts and now we need to build our ranks to meet demand. This network is different from some...