offline maps

  1. R

    Offline maps issues with map box

    Hi folks, i try to download offline maps via map box. Unfortunately the satellite view don't appear on my tablet. Is there a update for map box recommended ? In this case offline maps are senseless for me. I am using a Medion tablet with android 5.02. All other function work properly with solo...
  2. reelcrazyfish

    Save maps in Solex for offline use?

    I haven't read every thread on solo, but used the search feature and couldn't get an answer. Can you download maps using home wifi for use in the field with solex? Thanks.
  3. K

    Newest Android Tower App missing ability to cache offline maps

    Hi All, I got a new Nexus 9 tablet and loaded Tower on it and immediately went to turn on the Offline Maps caching option. I went to the settings where I have enabled that in a previous version and is still enabled on another android device, and I found the choices all greyed out ;( I then...