no video feed

  1. B

    Video Blacks out on iPad

    I have been flying my Solos for about 3 years now. Every once in a while I don't get a video feed. I reboot the iPad and usually get it back on the first reboot. I think it was due to the iPad overheating, which I fixed with a fan mount from Sportys. Today, I would either get no feed or get...
  2. Redcon1

    Hero3 Black/Solo gimbal should have video. Right?

    It's just a Hero3 Black, not a +, I have confirmed that the camera works on my TV and I have video if I bypass the gimbal and connect straight to the motherboard via the HDMI cable. When the gimbal is thrown in, I just get black screen. To be clear, brand new from the box gimbal, never got a...