1. Maddog

    Good drone news resource

    I recently discovered that AOPA has a great drone news section online. Lots of good information on drone use and regulation. Drones - AOPA
  2. F

    News article - Solo found with weapon on board

    Article in Daily Beast stated the Mexican authorities stopped an SUV with four drug cartel folks they were trying to catch and they found a 3DR Solo in the back with an IED attached ready to fly. Game of Drones: Mexico’s Cartels Have a Deadly New Weapon The Daily Beast A squad of Federales...
  3. Maddog

    Drone & video websites

    While surfing around this evening I stumbled upon 3 websites I had never heard of before. Two of them deal extensively with drone stuff and the third with photography/videography & drone stuff. Some of you may already be familiar with them- looks like a lot of good information. Drone Coalition...
  4. Ian [P13]

    3DR CES Announcement...

    [Update]3DR have released an early look at the video announcement today which shows some of the new Solo feature in action, note, these are not mock ups, the shots already work and are in testing, so you should get access to these within a few months.