looking for

  1. tickingheart

    WTB Hero

    Looking for Go pro Hero (Open to types and slightly used if in good condition.) Current zip 26260 :)
  2. W

    Looking For 3DR Solo bundle!

    I am looking for a 3DR drone with gimbal, at least 2 batteries, backpack, and extra propellers optional, and of course, chargers for batteries and for the controller. Please reply with any questions or offers. Willing to negotiate price. Can be new or used. Thanks!
  3. Doug Benson

    So Long Solo... For sale.

    I am sadly selling my Solo with 4 batteries, Fpvlr helical antenna, GPS shielding mod, Foot extenders, HDMI flat cable mod, 2 sets of stock props and a set of DJI carbon Props (i only use these now), 3DR back pack, Gimbal was just replaced from 3dr, Video is rock solid now, 2 new motors. I also...